Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Best Pinata Ever

I realize I haven't blogged in a very long time, but it's that time of year again when I go nut-so and make I-don't-know-how-many birthday cakes for my sweet boy. This year, he's 5 and it's all about Batman. He loves all superheroes, but Batman is his favorite. At some point I will post a picture of the Lego Batman Cake I made, but this weekend, it's his "friend" party when my house will be infiltrated by twelve 4 and 5 year olds donning homemade Batman towel capes made by my wonderful mother-in-law. Did I mention they will all be wet? We rented an inflatable water slide, so it should be interesting.

Anyway, the whole reason I am writing this is because I ordered a Lego Batman Joker pinata (because who wants to beat up Batman, right?) from a wonderful Etsy seller called WHACK. They are a husband and wife team and they make custom pinatas. I needed a home to post the picture of the BEST PINATA EVER. So here it is.

You should check out their other creations at http://whack.etsy.com

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

E4 - Ethan's 4th Birthday with Family

This year's theme: Sharks. He loves them. Of course, I set out to make a shark cake. I found this idea on the internet and I copied it. I baked a normal 8" round chocolate cake for the base and iced it blue for the water and then I baked red velvet cake in a loaf pan for the shark. I did this on Saturday before his party on Sunday. To carve the shark, I froze the loaf cake thinking it would be easier. Carving went well. However, I didn't let the shark thaw before I iced him and as the crystallized moisture melted, it created a red (bloody looking) seepage that caused the bottom jaw of my shark to melt off overnight. Yikes! I fixed it, but it didn't look as nice as it did on Saturday. Here's some pics from the day.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"I make a birfday for you"

So, it's not Christmas, or my birthday, but here are some pictures of my sweet son enjoying his Christmas gift from Mrs. Claus (the Le Toy Van Mixer from my earlier post.) He is making a birthday for his momma.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ethan's 3rd Birthday -- Part III

Woo hoo! Three years-old is fun. It's finally the time where they appreciate and want you to do all the fun Mommy things that I wish I could do more of, but never seem to have adequate time (darn having to work full time and sleep.) This year, by his own choice, he asked if he could have a party and have his friends over. I asked him if he wanted a Thomas Party, a Super Why party or a Cookie Monster party and he chose Thomas. (See entries for Ethan's Birthday I and II to see that he had all 3.)

I made his invitation using brown kraft paper. I didn't want it to be overly Thomas-y, but I still wanted to include Thomas. I had a really good time making it. If you're interested, I'll probably sell it in my Etsy store eventually. http://inviteddesign.etsy.com

For his party, I bought Thomas engineer hats, Thomas party blowers, Percy, Thomas and James mylar baloons and a Thomas pinata from www.trainparty.com. I also bought the 3D Thomas Cake kit. Again ... I love the idea of making the cake, but I kind of stink at it. My cake proportions were not correct, and yes, I used a ruler to cut it. I guess other people's cakes are thicker because the face was way too big for my engine body. Oh well. Here's a picture of me with the cake and my neighbor's child, Simon, who definitely didn't mind the sinking side and "out-of-proportion-ess" as he continued to follow me around while I held it, saying "I want a piece of that one."
I also made cupcakes which I decorated with double sided little cupcake toppers, each with a different engine. If you're interested in these, I'll probably put them in my Etsy store too. http://inviteddesign.etsy.com

For the favors, I bought paperback Thomas books and a wooden whistle and wrapped them together in a red engineer's bandana. I bought the books from www.trainparty.com too.

I used yellow table cloths and plain blue plates and strung yellow, red and blue balloons across my yard.

Also, I rented tables and chairs from Weinhardt party supply. I hate the idea of spending money on something that I could probably call in favors for, but it was so much easier. Plus, they had little kid chairs and tables.

For a train, I bought a Thomas pop up tent with an Annie and Clarabel caboose tunnel. I struggled with this for a long time because I really wanted to buy the Thomas ride on train with track, but geez! It's expensive and virtually impossible to find at this time of year. In the end, I settled for the tent and it was a hit.

The real hit was our playset though. Knowing that we were planning on buying a playset for his birthday this year, I saw an ad in Toys R Us for the Lexington by Big Backyard in April and dragged my husband to the store. We stored it in our basement until late July when we began its assembly. It took my husband and I no less than 30 hours to put it together -- that's not including the 4 hours of sorting wood in my basement with a tape measure that I spent prior to construction. Thanks to my mother and father-in-law and my aunt and Sharon, we were able to do it together, otherwise, one of us would still be trying to assemble it. We decided to put pea gravel down around the set and that has been almost as much fun as the playset. My husband built a cobblestone border to hold in all the pea gravel. We still have to back fill and plant grass (and finish our fence.)

Overall, everything went really well. The kids had a great time. Not sure if I'll do this kind of party again though. It was a lot of work the day of. And I stressed about rain. Luckily, it didn't.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ethan's 3rd Birthday -- Part II

This year, my husband and I took on the tremendous endeavor of constructing a playset(which will be shown in Ethan's 3rd Birthday -- Part III) for the E-Man's birthday. Knowing that this would take us just about forever and also taking into account that another child in his school has a birthday the day after his, we decided to move his "Friend Come Over to My House" birthday party back a couple weeks. So, on his actual birthday, we attended his friend's party and then came home to a pizza, cake and ice cream with Grandma, PaPa, Aunt Lynn, Uncle John, Erin, and Dee Dee, Sharon, and Grandma Schutte (and Mommy and Daddy too.) I love the family birthday the most. I really wish we had more little kids. It would be that much better.


For his family birthday, I spent way too long trying to make a Super Why themed cake. I love decorating cakes, but I stink at it. If you have a child who watches Super Why, perhaps you will be able to tell what I wast trying to get at with the cake. It's supposed to be the Super Why book. See it? I cheated and stuck toys on it (thank goodness.)

Anyway, here are a couple pictures of the festivities. He makes my heart pitter pat.

Listening to everyone sing "Happy Birthday To You" -- How cute is that?

Blowing out his candle

Erin -- Isn't she pretty?


Jumping and playing!

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Holy Grail of Toy Mixers (I think)

So, I received a comment with a new wooden mixer suggestion and it was really cute. And then I thought to myself, "Have I searched WOODEN toy mixers?" And have I used bing? (I love bing. It gives me so much more than google.) Anyway, that's when I found it in an article about Le Toy Van ... the ultimate in wooden toy mixer sets.
Drool. Drool. I quickly looked at Le Toy Van's website (which I highly recommend -- they have the CUTEST wooden toy playsets!) and I couldn't find a US distributor. Panic. So then I binged Le Toy Can Mixer and woo hoo! There it is on good ol' amazon. OK, so it is $53.99 + $8.95 shipping , but it includes all of those CAKES which I love, love, love!

Now, remember. I have a boy. He does like to play with the kitchen set (which is one made by my grandfather and saved since my childhood), but he also likes guns (sorry to the squeamish moms who can't handle that), crashing cars and making loud roaring sounds. Would this be completely lost on him? It's not lost on me! I guess there's always hope I'd have a girl eventually (pray. pray. even if it's not a girl. another would be very nice.) but I run the risk that he would have put little tiny bite marks in all the cakes (not to mention the rolling pin.) But it is so lovely. So ... should I get it?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

His very own "Mixter"

So all of this baking has given me the idea to get Ethan a toy mixer for Christmas. Now, I just have to choose one. Anyone care to give me their opinion?

Choice #1: The Casdon 490 Kenwood Mixer

It really works. It has two speeds and the description says it will have junior bakers on their way.

CONS: It really works. All I can think of is how careful I have to be myself not to get my spatula caught in the beaters. Or a worse thought...pinched fingers. ouch.

Choice#2 : Electronic Mixer

PROS: Pulse function
CONS: I don't love the design. I would really like something that looks more like my KitchenAid.

Choice #3: Pottery Barn Kids Wooden mixer (in Red)

PROS: I love wooden toys. They are durable and generally safe. The absence of beeping and blinking leaves more to the imagination and let's the kid exercise their mind with creative play. You can crank the top and mixes. No pinched fingers!

Cons: Holy $59! That's kind of steep.

If anyone sees any others, please feel free to send them to me! I appreciate it.